Woman thought patio at new home was brown – until she got pressure washer out

When moving into a new home, we normally assume it’s already been through a thorough professional clean.

However, we might still give everything a once over ourselves before unpacking – just in case.

But sometimes even with all of this, some things can still be missed, as one TikTok user has shown.

The woman, named Rebecca Cappleman, shared a video showing the patio outside of her home, which initially appears to be a dark brown colour.

She said: “We moved into this house thinking the patio was brown… Turns out it’s not.”

As the video continues, Rebecca gets out a pressure washer.

The slabs are washed and viewers can see as the water is sprayed over the patio, it transforms from a dark shade to reveal the real colour underneath – which is a light stone.

“How satisfying,” says the video caption.

So far more than 400,000 people have watched the clip, with over 45,000 liking it.

Hundreds of people also took the time to comment and share their thoughts, with one writing: “Wow, I think I might need to borrow that pressure washer.”

Another replied: “You have to post the end result now.”

A third admitted: “OMG we literally did ours a few days ago and the same thing happened.”

“That would have been so satisfying to clean” added someone else.

“Great job,” applauded a different user.

“It’ll look so good after,” stated a sixth.

“Oh noooo,” joked a seventh.

This comes after another homeowner found themselves in a similar situation with their carpet.

They moved into the house thinking the carpet in the living room was a chic grey colour.

But after having the place professionally cleaned, they soon discovered how wrong they had been.

Brandon Anderson, who helps professional cleaners find clients, recently showed off a video of the carpet being steam cleaned.

And as the expert went at the fabric with a steam cleaner, the carpet can be seen to completely transform back to its original beige colour.

It’s fair to say TikTok users were horrified by this.