Woman lives in house for months then finds hidden room behind bathroom cabinet

After moving into a new home and settling in for three months, a woman was shocked to learn something bizarre about her bathroom cabinet.

It initially appeared to be fixed into the wall, but on closer inspection, she found that it moved.

And by moved, we mean an entire section of the wall opens up.

What’s more, she discovered that behind the cabinet was a tiny hidden room.

This discovery was made by a TikTok user who posts under the name @cattccc and lives in London.

She captioned the post writing: “Can’t believe we’ve lived here for three months and only just discovered this.”

In the clip she walks from a bedroom through to the bathroom, then proceeds to show how the bathroom looks completely normal.

Then she takes hold of the top of the cabinet and it swings forward to reveal a small space with a Velux window.

The room is full of boxes and bags, presumably used for storage.

Her flatmate can be seen sitting comfortably inside the space and she waves at the camera.

The video has gone viral, being watched more than one million times and garnering over 56,000 likes.

Many people thought the room was cool, with one commenting: “That’d be perfect to just lay there and listen to the rain hitting the window.”

Another said: “I’d buy the house just for that.”

A third wrote: “I’d love to have a secret room.”

“Reminds me of Harry Potter’s little room,” joked someone else.

Others weren’t convinced by the whole thing and said they could tell the cabinet moved as soon as they came in the room, with some claiming they had spotted wheels on the bottom of it.

The original poster added it the comments that she wasn’t sure about the room’s purpose, she only knew that she lived in a “really old” house.