Woman says holding your keys to protect yourself could actually be dangerous

A woman has shared a key trick that could save your life if you’re in a situation that you need to defend yourself.

In the wake of Sarah Everard’s death, many people have been sharing tactics on how to keep ourselves safe, with one of the most common methods being to grip a key between your fingers.

But this technique could do more harm than good explained TikTok user @faesfx, in a video that has been viewed more than 2.6 million times.

She said: “I’ve seen a lot of women say that they are carrying their keys like this to feel safe, meaning the key is only semi-effective for one punch.

“If I punch, that key is going back into me and is going to hurt me. Instead, take your longest key, hold it like this.

“That key isn’t going anywhere,” she adds, demonstrating her technique.

Fae had her friend try to hit out at her using the key-between-the-knuckle technique as she demonstrated approaching her from behind.

But the position of her arm doesn’t allow her to reach Fae.

“If I grab her and attack her, she has nowhere to go, she can’t do anything.”

But when she holds the key the way Fae recommends, the point faces backward, allowing her to punch her arm back and stab her attacker in the leg.

“She moves her hips, she can stab me in the delicates,” Fae adds.

Since being posted, the video has received almost 670,000 likes and 8,100 comments from people thanking Fae for sharing the tip.

One man wrote: “This is amazing advice. I just wish it wasn’t necessary, I’m sorry we need to do better.”

Another person said: “Me holding my keys the first way thinking I was safe.”

“Also make as much noise as possible like an alarm so it can help deter the attacker,” suggested a third.

Whilst a fourth put: “Also!!!!!!! Don’t walk with your keys in your knuckles, just have them in your hand and move if needed, or else it can count as premeditated violence in court.”